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05 Dic 2015 

How to make a social media marketing plan for your small business in 6 steps

Wondering where to start with your social media marketing plan for your small business? By now its essential to have a strong online presence in order to reach todays digital consumer. Social media is a great tool for creating awareness of your brand or product, increasing web traffic and sales along with many other benefits. Using social media for small business is a continuous job, and as your business grows so will your online presence. Below is 6 quick tips for creating your social media marketing strategy:

1. Establish your target markets:

Your first step in creating a social media strategy is understanding what you want to accomplish. Has your website traffic dropped? Do you want to increase your overall social media presence? Its also important to create specific and measurable goals that you can track like increase email list by 5 each month.

2. Know your target markets:

Crafting a social media marketing strategy that is customer focused is essential to your success. Getting to know your target markets will not online help you determine what content you should share on social networks, who you should be connecting with and building relationships with as well as what social networking sites you should be spending the majority of hvac your time on. You must research, listen, engage and track your different target markets so you can create content that caters to each buyer person of typical customers of yours. Find local influential individuals and groups such as local newspapers, news and radio station personalities to follow and listen to what content they are sharing and try to engage with them. Can you provide useful hvac website information that your target markets desire? For example, if you were an HVAC company you could share home energy saving tips for homeowners to save money on their utility bills.

3. Develop a social media engagement strategy:

Engagement is key to developing relationships on social media. Through relationships you can build customers and opportunities with influential individuals/groups. You should be engaging (liking, sharing, commenting) with your local community, industry media outlets and bloggers on a daily basis.

4. Listen to your competition and industry:

Find out what works or doesnt for your competition and industry. What topics are they sharing that get more likes, shares or comments. Establish a Twitter List of best practices on Twitter to organize best practices and competition in your industry so you can keep a close eye on what topics are being shared. Social listening is very important if you wish to stay ahead of the competition and to remain relevant for generations to come.

5. Plan your content marketing strategy:

Once you find out some typical content topics your competition and your target consumers are talking about, you can start making your content calendar. Be consistent, dont use promotional posts too often. An 80-20 rule is good to go by, where 80% of your posts cater to your hvac website target click here consumers lifestyle and 20% are promoting your business and driving traffic to your website. Create a monthly content calendar that highlights the key messages and topics you should be sharing on your social networks each month. Make sure to tie in current events to your content strategy.

6. Track your success:

You need to develop a document with your KPIs (key performance indicators) and track them weekly and monthly so you can adjust your strategy to tactic that are or arent working. Some good things to track is your messages reach on social networks, social engagement, conversions like number of contact forms submitted on website, a phone call or a download of some type of content on your website. Using free digital marketing tools like hvac Google Analytics and bitly is a good way to start tracking your online marketing efforts so you can adjust your strategy when needed.

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04 Dic 2015 


Yes it can be repaired. Your a/c guy is not very sharp if he cannot do it. He may just want to hvac sell you a replacement unit There is a 45% silver yellow brazing click here wire specially designed for connecting dissimilar metals such as copper & aluminum. One can even use it to connect steel and copper. -but its NOT cheap.

All the hvac refrigerant will hvac need to be recovered, then a trickle of nitrogen should be running click here through the system to avoid flaking oxidation on the inside of the pipe(s). The joint should be extremely clean and something called "stay-silv" flux should be used. NOT plumbing flux. The heat can be something as cool as mapp gas. Oxy-acetylene not required. (actually too hot)

A HVAC tech with the skills to do this type of brazing should be kept on speed dial....

I used to teach 1st year refrigeration principles students how to do this type of brazing.

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